Does Teacher Right For Dating With Student?

Today, many teachers are now seeing the benefit of allowing their students to date outside of the classroom. This means that they may have a few relationships on the side, or maybe even some dating relationships going on in the classroom. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, some teachers have mixed feelings about the dating possibilities for their students. For these cases, some teachers are not sure if the teacher dating with student is right for them. To understand whether or not the teacher dating with student is okay, it is important to look at how these dating strategies can work in the classroom.


First off, while it is common sense that the teacher and the student should be able to have a good relationship, what is the normal protocol for how teachers interact with their students? Does the teacher treat the student with respect, or does the teacher expect the student to treat him or her in a certain way? These are some of the most difficult questions to answer since every teacher has a different way that they handle relationships with their students. However, if you watch movies like American Pie or The Breakfast Club, you will see that the characters, Willy Wonka, and Gene Wilder, treat their teacher/student relationship very casually.


To answer the question, “does the teacher dating with student work,” the best way to answer it is to look at how the relationship between teacher and student functions in the classroom. There is obviously more of a level of privacy in the classroom, and therefore, there is more of a chance for the relationship to work. This works better for the teacher than the student, since the student cannot see the teacher’s reaction to their romantic overtures. However, if the teacher is too attached to the student, then they could lose control of the relationship, which would ruin it. If you are planning on teacher/student dating in your classroom, it is important to set up some ground rules and stick to them. You do not want any of your fellow students to feel hurt!

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